Community ImpAct

William & Mary Athletics: Returning to the College's Core Values

A Proposal by D. R. Hildebrand '03

Sign the Pledge Not to Donate to the College until the Athletic Teams are Reinstated

An Open Letter Written to Interim AD Jeremy Martin from the William & Mary Varsity Women's Swim Team

A Case for the Sustained Competitive Excellence: A Presentation Presented to Interim AD Jeremy Martin

An Open Letter to President Rowe, Rector Little, the BOV, and the Interim Athletic Director from the Save Tribe Swimming Executive Committee

A Response to AD Samantha Huge by the Save Tribe Swimming Executive Committee

Materials being presented to faculty in advance of Professor Hagedorn’s vote of “No Confidence” in Athletic Director Huge.

An Open Letter to William & Mary President Katherine Rowe,

 the Board of Visitors, and the College Community

By D. R. Hildebrand '03


Roger Crook '78 Open Letter of Analysis of W&M Athletics' Rationale For Cutting Seven Teams


Professor Katherine Guthrie, Associate Professor at The Raymond A. Mason School of Business, Letter to all William and Mary Faculty

William and Mary Past and Present SAAC Presidents Response to The Athletic Department's Open Letter

Student Assembly's "For the Bold Resolution" in Response to The Athlete Department's Open Letter

Sept 23rd Board of Visitors Listening Session

Letters from Dr. Stewart Sell, Class of 1956


Letter to President Rowe Addressing The Violation of Title IX