Thank you to everyone who has pledged a donation to help Save Tribe Swimming. As of now, we are no longer accepting pledges and are now accepting donations. Please go here to donate to save our program for the long term. You can donate to either the Men's (4919) or Women's (4899) Swimming Excellent Funds, they will both equally go to support the program. As of right now, we are prioritizing annual giving since that, in the immediate future, will save this team. If you are also interested in donating to the endowment, either one of theses will work: Dudley M Jensen Swimming Endowment (1937), Wally Riley Endowment (2783), or Caroline Crispino Memorial Swimming Endowment (4209). If you have questions about how much you pledged to Save Tribe Swimming, questions about the WM donation site, or have any other concerns, please email Once again, thank you to every single person that has taken the time and effort to save this program. We have been given a second chance, and that would not have happened if it were not for all of you. Donations will be extremely critical as we move forward, and we thank all of you for everything you have done for us.

One Tribe. One Family. 

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