Brian Smith, Oleta Coach Lines

I come to you all from Oleta Coach Lines. My dad (Howard Smith) started this company back in 1986 with the full support of William and Mary Athletics. As recently as the spring of 2020 we were the main transportation (bus company) provider for all 7 of the sports who have been cut from the athletic department.

We have given discounted rates to all of the programs impacted throughout our 34 years of existence to help keep them under budget.

This hits home to us differently than all of you but please know we stand ready to offer our support anyway that we can. We thank you all for speaking up in trying to get this decision reversed!

As my dad always reminds us, William and Mary comes first.

Again thank you all and May God Bless You.

Please go to Oleta's gofundme to help support them. The pandemic has hit the travel industry especially hard, and Oleta is no different. They are a treasure for the Williamsburg community, and need all the support they can get.

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