David ’98 & Sandra Ungerer '99 Bultema

Thank you for the opportunity to share our story regarding the influence our involvement in the William & Mary (W&M) Swim Team has had on our lives and the lives of others in the community. To provide a brief background, David, a ’98 graduate and ’12 Executive MBA graduate from the College, was a member of the W&M Men’s Swim Team during his college career and a co- captain his senior year. Sandra, a ’99 graduate from the College, was a member of the W&M Women’s Swim Team all 4 years as well. David and Sandra married in 2001 and recently celebrated 19 years of marriage. One of the most profound impacts the W&M Men’s and Women’s Swim Teams have had on our lives is our involvement in a local summer swim league in the Loudoun County area of Virginia. We have been fortunate enough to have our two children swim in the Old Dominion Swim League (ODSL), in which our neighborhood swim team participates in, for the past six years. Our involvement in our neighborhood team as well as the ODSL would not have been possible without our experiences and the knowledge we gained as members of the W&M Swim Teams. David has volunteered in many positions such as meet referee, starter and stroke and turn judge. Sandra has also volunteered on the neighborhood swim team Board as an ODSL Team Representative as well as a stroke and turn judge. Having individuals with a background in the sport of swimming in key volunteer positions has been instrumental in the success of the team and the league. These local swim teams provide numerous positive opportunities to the youth in our communities today. We live in a neighborhood where most residents were not swimmers at a young age and did not have the opportunity to participate in the sport as children. Many of these individuals still to this day do not know how to swim. However, they have had the confidence to sign-up their children to participate on the neighborhood summer swim team, and many of those swimmers have proven themselves to be strong swimmers. We believe our knowledge of the sport of swimming and volunteer time has helped provide opportunities to many swimmers who otherwise may have not learned the life skill of swimming or been able to compete in the sport. Therefore, it is worth noting, W&M Swimming has spread far beyond the campus in Williamsburg and touched those throughout the state and the world, as many of the team members have shared their successes in the summer program with their relatives residing outside the United States. We urge you to consider the significance the W&M Men’s and Women’s Swim Team has both on those currently at the college as well as the many alumni who have graduated and spread their love and knowledge of the sport to others. W&M swimmers love the sport of swimming, and they want to share this love of the sport to others as well as help provide the opportunity to teach a vital life skill to many in the community today! We strongly urge you to continue the W&M Men’s and Women’s Swim Teams.

Best Regards and EBIRT OG, David Bultema ’98 and Sandra Ungerer Bultema ‘99

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