Ed'80 and Jenny Tatnall'81 McLeod

We are from the class of '80 and '81 and our 40+ year life together blossomed from a friendship begun among the swimming community. The swim team at W&M has always been a family of support and mutual encouragement, with deep friendships enduring long beyond our time on the campus. This is why those of us from other eras have celebrated the remarkable achievements of the more recent teams, and why we are saddened to think that this vital program, where outstanding student athletes and leaders have thrived, is at risk. The legacy of the swimming program is one that should be a source of pride for anyone associated with the College, as it has attracted students who are committed to academic and athletic excellence, and a spirit of civic engagement that has brought honor to the school. Measuring the value of such a program in terms of dollars and cents misses the point, and fails to appreciate the remarkable success and deep impact for which W&M swimming has long been known. Its absence would leave the school diminished, and would be a great disappointment to those who know its true worth.

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