Grace Tramack, Class of 2023

Hello friends,

As many of you have heard, on September 3rd William & Mary decided to cut seven varsity sports including Men’s & Women’s Swimming.

For those of you who know me, you know that Tribe Swimming means the world to me.

Through my freshman year swimming at W&M, this incredible team has given me more than I could ever repay: confidence both in the sport I love and beyond, pride in something much greater than myself, a sense of belonging and purpose, and, most importantly, a home with some of the best friends I have ever, and possibly will ever have.

Tribe Swimming means that I represent not just myself, my teammates, and coaches, but

everyone who has come before me and all who will carry on its legacy after my time is up. It means I will forever be part of a community of talented, intelligent, hard-working individuals who realize just how special our team and our program truly is.

I am devastated, heartbroken, and angry. But that does not mean that I, or any of my fellow Tribe swimmers (current or past), will let this team go without fighting for our family. We are driven. We are passionate. We are successful in and out of the pool. And we deserve to stay.

If you have a few minutes to take out of your day, PLEASE take a look at Our team of alumni, parents, friends, former coaches, current

coaches and athletes will do whatever it takes to secure the future of our program. Your

encouragement and support would be greatly appreciated by all of us. We are also now

accepting pledges, and it would mean everything to me if you were willing and able to

contribute to our cause.

If I had to bet on anyone to make it through this together, it would be Tribe Swimming.

With love,

Grace Tramack ’23

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