Tyler Fenwick, Class of 2004

This week has been tough.

My Alma Mater cut 7 sports including men’s & women’s swimming. Where the friendships, experiences, and memories during my time at William & Mary can’t be taken away, I hurt for the current team who will be afforded the same opportunity.

As a club coach, one of my primary objectives was to help athletes use swimming as a conduit go to a university they otherwise would not have been admitted. I asked them to dream big. I knew that chance would change their lives. William & Mary was one of those special destinations. The realization that future generations of outstanding high school students athletes will not have w&m as an option is staggering.

Unfortunately, I am not surprised. Each day I live firsthand the new reality for college athletics in a Covid19 world. It is real, it is in our face and it is devastating. I have a hard time pointing fingers or placing blame knowing the immense stress every university is under. Times are trough and will likely get worse before they get better. There will not be a switch that’s flipped to return us back to “normal.”

At William & Mary we were forced to do a lot with much less than other schools. It made us tougher, more appreciative and taught us to fight harder for what we wanted. Our experience was earned, not given. After speaking with teammates, alumni and friends over the last few days, there is no doubt in my mind that we will bring this same fight and resourcefulness to save our program. We are proud William & Mary graduates and we don’t know any other way. If you feel compelled please join us in our fight.

Go Tribe!

Tyler Fenwick ‘2004

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